Last month we visited the beautiful city of Turin and our dear and talented friends Lucia and Claudiu aka Frollemente (you should check out their food photography and videography work, is truly inspiring). I think it was the first time I didn’t do any research for restaurants with delicious food because our friends showed us the best places and I really want to share them with you guys. First of all, Turin is a super vivid city, full of life and good vibes, there is always a queue in front of all the good places, but with a bit of patience, you will get a table. I also love the colors of this city which make me think of Florence, its lovely architecture and columns are similar to the ones of Bologna, and its spirit makes me think of Milan, but overall, it is a unique city with many things to offer.

turin coffee shop
Orso Laboratorio del Caffè
turin architecture
turin breakfast
Tauer Bakery

Now, about the food, I’ll start with a few recommendations for coffee and breakfast, I think our favorite one was Orso Laboratorio del Caffè, a very cozy place with great coffee and delicious pastries, we also loved having breakfast at Tauer Bakery their pancakes are amazing. If you want a traditional place to have breakfast you should go to Bistrot Torrefazione Samambaia the vintage vibe of this coffee place has my heart and the savory sandwich croissants are so good.

If you love fish then the perfect place to have it for lunch is Pescheria Gallina their fritto misto is great, it has a special side dish, grilled cabbage which is so delicious and the portions are generous. If you love Chinese food then LAO 老 is a must, besides the authentic dishes they also have an amazing atmosphere, it’s a great place to have a versatile lunch with close friends. If you want to grab a snack or just a drink and enjoy a beautiful view then Imbarchino is a great choice, situated in Valentino Park, right next to water, a charming place. Speaking about snacks the vegetarian pizza of Taglio IV Marzo – La Pizza Per Fetta is amazing. For dinner you can try some traditional dishes like vitello tonnato at Cibo Container and then a glass of great prosecco at Casa Proseccheria or if you are in a hurry grab a delicious kebab with Egyptian influences and a lot of fun (you will see there if you speak Italian) at Horas Kebab

turin food
Pescheria Gallina
turin food
turin architecture
Mara dei Boschi
turin pizza
Taglio IV Marzo – La Pizza Per Fetta

Now last but not least, the sweets. Let’s start with gelato, we had amazing ones at Mara dei Boschi anything with nuts tastes like heaven, you will also find good ones at Alberto Marchetti. A special place that used to be a pharmacy is Farmacia Del Cambio where you can have a mind-blowing selection of desserts, we loved them all. Also don’t miss the elegant desserts of Fabrizio Racca, make sure to grab a box of them and do a little trip to Basilica di Superga or Monte dei Cappuccini and admire the amazing view while enjoying these beautiful goodies. Another sweet delight that you will have to take back home with you is the artisanal chocolate of La Bottega Guido Gobino, is the best present from Torino that you can give to your friends. Another thing that I’d like to add is that all the places in Turin are super pet-friendly.

Besides eating we also walked a lot, enjoyed every new street in this lovely city, we also went to the Cinema museum where they had a great temporary exhibition of Tim Burton’s work. We only stayed 3 and a half days in Turin but it seems that we had plenty of time to explore and enjoy many delicious dishes, also thanks to our amazing local friends Lucia & Claudiu.

turin farmacia del cambio
Farmacia Del Cambio
turin fabrizio racca
Fabrizio Racca
turin basilica di superga
Basilica di Superga
turin farmacia del cambio
Farmacia Del Cambio
turin architecture
turin cinema museum
Cinema museum